About The Project

What the heck is ``The State Race``?

The State Race is a project that was started by 3 friends with a passion for traveling and a desire to give back to the community. The mission: to visit ALL 50 STATES in the year 2018, sharing our experiences and stories, while volunteering in every state we visit.

This is a perfect opportunity to manifest the uniqueness of each of our 50 states in a fun an inspiring way to show all of you how diverse and profound our beautiful nation is! As well as showing the beauty of our country, we hope to share the stories and lives of the people that we meet along the way!

The challenge with this project is that we are FULL TIME college students. We have jobs. We pay rent. Some of us even live with our parents. But we are all extremely passionate about giving back, and want to create more than just a simple travel series during our project.

We believe that every person should have the chance to experience the world around them. Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to get outside and find YOUR OWN ADVENTURE, and to give back to your LOCAL COMMUNITY!

Meet The Team

But you may refer to us as “The Goonies”
Hunter Reynolds

Hunter Reynolds

I make films of other people having fun.

I love traveling the world and using my films to inspire others and spread a positive message. I try to capture unfiltered human emotion and spread the joy of living a happy and eventful life. I often brand myself as a story-teller, because so many films today are focused on the aesthetic instead of focusing on what truly moves someone, which is a good story. So go out! Create your own sto… eww. Nevermind, that’s cliche. Did you get the point?

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Brendon Ferguson

Starbucks Barista by day. Traveler by night.

I am a jack of many trades but only a master of myself. I try to maintain movement; traveling, exploring, learning, and growing. I am a man of God, an adventurer, a drone-r, photographer, a videographer, a (kind of) carpenter, a handy(ish)man, I sing, I drum , I (sometimes) guitar, I own a harmonica, I skate, I climb, i’m a red bull enthusiast, and a master* barista, serving coffee and free smiles. I want to use all of these parts of me to inspire everyone that I can, to get up, go out and explore life, doing all the good you can!

blake profile pic

Blake Harrell

Presently backpacking. Updates soon.

I’m a professional amateur. I enjoy using photography to capture new experiences that are commonly overlooked in people’s everyday lives. I travel because I believe it is necessary for humans to appreciate the various kinds of beauty in the world and realize the limitations of our own views. Through The State Race, we are able to discover the hidden gems of our own country while encouraging others to begin their own journey’s by whatever means possible.

The State Squad

Here’s our personal Polaroid wall of all the amazing people that have been a part of our adventures!!

Garrison McDaniel

Meet Garrison

This guy surprised us all with his outgoing personality and secret vlogging skills!

Trips: Georgia , Louisiana

Leah Renbarger

Meet Leah

Extremely outgoing. Moana in the flesh. And world-famous step dancer!

Trips: GeorgiaNorth Carolina

Madeleine Mousseau

Meet Maddie

Maddie is one of our best friends! She loves flowers, hates scary movies, and is going to work in Claud Monet’s garden in France this Summer!

Trips: North Carolina

Caroline Rakestraw

Meet Caroline

Caroline is a long time friend of Hunter’s! From Destination Imagination in grade school, to coffee-shop concerts, we’re glad she’s stuck around!

Trips: Ohio

Hannah Roberts

Meet Hannah

Say hello to Hannah! She quite possibly has the best job ever *cough cough @breakout_games*, is an avid Salsa-Thursdays participant, and will be joining us in Hawaii!

Trips: Ohio

Joe Eerdmans

Meet Joe

We met Joe in Michigan, boating on Lake Michigan; and met back in Idaho up on his & Caleb’s major road trip! Joe is both fun and professional, adventurous and entrepreneurial. He balances two worlds!

Trips: Michigan, Idaho, Montana

Sheldon Potter

Meet Sheldon!

We met Sheldon through John Martin; in fact, him and Brendon were groomsmen together at JM’s wedding! Sheldon’s hilarious and selfless. He even hooked us up with his car for a whole day!

Trips: Virginia

Teagan Thomas

Meet Teagan

Brendon met Teagan in a rock-climbing class at KSU. And of all places, she lives in ALASKA!! We had an awesome 4 days with her exploring Anchorage! 🙂

Trips: Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma

Jack Roberts

Meet Jack

He’s a natural adventurer & wicked good photographer! Always on the hunt for the next grand adventure, a necessity for nourishing the soul. Find him on a trail, in lightroom, or tricking in the local gym.

Trips: New Hampshire

Zelda Rogers

Meet Zelda

Has a big heart, a creative mind, a great voice, and drives a jeep!

Trips: Georgia

Kurtis Erger

Meet Kurtis

A little reserved, but really cool You’ll rarely find him without his hat on!

Trips: GeorgiaNorth Carolina

Garrett Shoemaker

Meet Garrett

Garrett, what words should we use to describe him.. how about this: Funny, Intelligent (he goes to GA Tech), and SASSY.

Trips: North Carolina, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma

Michael Fiore

Meet Michael

THE Michael Fiore has been hanging with us from the start! From Nica’ trips, Cali, and even a treasure hunt in downtown Cincy, ziplining in Washington, and ALASKA!… what a DOPE human!

Trips: Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, Alaska, Indiana

Valerie Wyatt

Meet Valerie

Valerie is also an employee at the world’s coolest job ever! But she is more famously known for being in the OG Donut Squad #donutspot

Trips: Ohio

Alex Roberts

Meet Alex

Alex and Hunter were neighbors growing up, having water-gun battles and playing whiffle ball every day. He goes to UK in Lexington, and has the coolest house ever! See you at the next Pint Night!

Trips: Kentucky

MaryKate Horak

Meet MaryKate!

Listen here… Mary Kate is probably the Smartest, coolest, and healthiest friend we know. She’s studying genetics at the University of Iowa so that she can one day engineer a glowing tree!

Trips: Iowa

Grant Parker

Meet Grant

Grant’s the kind of guy you can count on to say yes to just about anything: personal chauffeur, ultimate couch host, and even last-minute ziplining!! We’re glad we got to hang with you Grant, thanks for joining the adventure!

Trips: Washington

Kendall McCann

Meet Kendall

Kendall, or should we say Lil Kenny, is our official graphic designer, a great artist, and a super fun person to hang with!

Trips: Georgia , North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma

Kyla Jones

Meet Kyla

Kyla, or should we say “Kylo Ren?”..anyone? Kyla is an incredible artist, is a Georgia Bulldog, and has an art account on Instagram, so go follow!

Trips: North Carolina

Lauren Rotundo

Meet Lauren!

We met up with Brendon’s friend Lauren (Snookie) in Jersey; she’s young, hip, and relatable!

Trips: New Jersey

Garrett Turner

Another Garrett?!

Reserved until he’s not, then he’s hilarious! Garrett is a true adventurer and the OG slack-liner.

Trips: Florida

Justin Herndon

Meet Justin

Say hello to this goofy dude! (no really, he made a video asking Meghan Trainer to Prom). Justin met us in Cincy and Kentucky for a crazy adventure!

Trips: Ohio, Kentucky

John Martin Maund

Meet John Martin

Hey! John Martin is a long time (and newly wed!) friend of Brendon’s.  We got to meet up with him in Virginia for a quick adventure in Lynchburg. Also, he’s met Drake Bell, which is pretty cool!

Trips: Virginia

Olivia Duprez

Meet Olivia

WHAT’S UP OLIVIA!! She’s Brendon’s awesome cousin, so cool that even after our trip together to Iceland, she still met up with us in Rhode Island for a crazy night!

Trips: Rhode Island

Elijah Hobbs

Meet Olivia

Brendon’s best friend, a Florida kid stuck in Seattle, and a hero of the US. Elijah Hobbs housed us for a night in Washington and (tried) to show us Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park!

Trips: Washington

Taylor Joyner

Meet Taylor

Our Vegan friend who specializes in Russian accents and loves to cuddle.

Trips: Georgia

John McCoy

Meet John

John is one of our best friends, and you can almost always find him at the school Starbucks! Master of impersonations, comedic master, and professional party-er!

Trips: North Carolina Florida, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oklahoma

Haley Morgan

Meet Haley

Haley first tagged along on our Tennessee trip! As a nature and conservation enthusiast, and a killer good time at a concert, she made the trip thrice as fun!

States: Tennessee

Sam Devlin

Meet Sam

Sam met us in Cincinnati for Breakout’s city-wide treasure hunt! And after winning the 100 dollars?…TACO BELL!

States: Ohio

Caleb Brown

Meet Caleb

We first met Caleb on Instagram through his D O P E community page (@stoked_world). Then he took us (as strangers basically) in and showed us an epic Michigan adventure! We met back up with him in Idaho on his and Joe’s Western/Canadian roadtrip!

Trips: Michigan, Idaho, Montana, Maine

Mandy Maund

Meet Mandy

Please welcome Mandy to TheStateSquad! We met her and John Martin in Virginia, and got to play with her ADORABLE cats!! BTW, congrats on the marriage!!

Trips: Virginia

Christian Duprez

Meet Christian

Christian is also Brendon’s cousin, and sister to Olivia! He met up with us on the train to Rhode Island for a day adventure in Providence! We also climbed a bridge together!

Trips: Rhode Island

Connor Ferguson

Meet Connor

He’s an athlete, scholar, (semi-pro) gamer, part lion, & Brendon’s brother. He makes pizzas & summits mountains from the top-half of the leaderboard!

Trips: New Hampshire

The Roadmap

Use this interactive map to see the places we have been! Click on the colored states to view the adventures from that location!

The Calendar

Here you can see all of our upcoming trips, locations, and adventures!
November 18, 2018
  • Oregon, Nevada, & California

    November 16, 2018 - November 23, 2018  

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November 19, 2018
  • Oregon, Nevada, & California

    November 16, 2018 - November 23, 2018  

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November 20, 2018
  • Oregon, Nevada, & California

    November 16, 2018 - November 23, 2018  

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November 21, 2018
  • Oregon, Nevada, & California

    November 16, 2018 - November 23, 2018  

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November 22, 2018
  • Oregon, Nevada, & California

    November 16, 2018 - November 23, 2018  

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November 24, 2018
November 25, 2018
November 30, 2018
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December 15, 2018
December 16, 2018

Our Most Recent Adventures!

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